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Beginner's Guide: Creating a Conference Mobile App

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#1 Checklist

** IMPORTANT! The below guide is only for clients who have their own Apple developer account. If your app is being built as a Container App, please refer to the guide here. **

The purpose of this article is to provide a series of steps in the process of creating the mobile app. This article is useful for beginners, but also to those who may need a refresher.

Each of the below steps correspond to one or more detailed articles within the Mobile App Module itself.

TIP: Print this list off and check off the items as you follow the steps.

  1. Obtain the necessary graphical images detailed in the X-CD contract for the App and Module artwork
  2. Upload the App Artwork (This is artwork specific to the mobile device display) - View FAQ
  3. Upload the Module Artwork (This is artwork specific to the conference) - View FAQ
  4. Obtain sponsor information (i.e. URL, Company Name, logo image) and populate the mobile app sponsor template file - View FAQ
  5. Prepare Sponsor zip file with the populated template file and images
  6. Add Sponsor Screen and upload Sponsor zip file - View FAQ
  7. Prepare Exhibitors file and floor plan image - View FAQ
  8. Add Exhibitor Screen and upload Exhibitor file - View FAQ
  9. Determine what other screens to have in your mobile app (View FAQ) and add each app screen - View FAQ
  10. Define Home Screen for your app - View FAQ
  11. Add advertisements, if applicable - View FAQ
  12. Determine what to Display in the App (i.e. Submission fields) - View FAQ
  13. Build the app
    • Note: if there are any changes to the app screens or program content, perform the Build app step to refresh the mobile app
  14. Test the app - View FAQ

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