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#1 Where do I download the LeadR Lead Retrieval app?

The APP is downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

#2 Can I make notes in the LeadR Lead Retrieval app?

Yes, in the app, there is an ability to enter Notes for each lead after you scan an individual's QR code.

Just type in your notes and tap Save Lead.

#3 How do I get my LeadR Lead Retrieval data after my meeting?

You will receive an email containing a link to access your data at the end of your event.

#4 Can I sell 'activation keys' to our Exhibitors?

X-CD does this for you.  We will set up a marketing screen with a link to our online payment processor.  At the end of your conference we'll send you a check based on our revenue share plan below.

Revenue Share with Client/XCD*:

  • 10 or less sales……….Split 0/100
  • 11‐25 sales ………....…Split 30/70
  • 26-50 sales………..…...Split 40/60
  • 50+ sales………...……...Split 50/50

#5 What is the price for an exhibitor registration key?

Recommended Selling Price to Exhibitors:

  • Early Bird: $199.00 for a single exhibitor key or $300.00 for unlimited keys (phone apps) in booth. 
  • Standard: $250.00 for a single exhibitor key or $400.00 for unlimited keys (phone apps) in booth.

Spend more time engaging in conversation with a potential client.

If you are use the X-CD Registration Module and Badge printing feature, add the X-CD LeadR Lead Retrieval app which will allow you to quickly collect contact information from individuals you meet at your Conference.

No hardware to rent or buy, just a simple app to download before the conference, to scan badges on-site and capture valuable lead information.

All data is made available to you at the end of your event.

X-CD Technologies (pronounced "Exceed"!) has been supporting the association and conference industry since 1995. All of our software modules are proprietary and developed in-house which gives us the flexibility to make customized changes to meet all of our clients unique needs.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Toronto and a network of conference management organizations and suppliers worldwide that can help and serve your needs wherever your next conference venue is located.

Our clients include both small and large associations and conferences and events range from as small as 100 to 5,000 attendees. Our client base includes universities, corporations, associations, private companies, conference management groups and government.

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