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Reset Password (Front-End Users)

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#1 How does a user reset their own password?

  • From the profile home login screen, the end user will click the Reset Password link located under the Login button

  • After clicking the Reset Password link, a screen will open asking for user's Firstname, Lastname and Email address
  • If a successful mathc is found, then the end user will be presented with several different options


  • Click Send Reset Password link, the end user enters their email address and clicks the Reset button

  • If an account in the system is found matching the email address, a message indicating so, will appear and an email wlll be sent with a link to set a new password
  • NOTE: if there is no match for the email address, a message will indicate "The email address entered is not found in the system. Please try again." The end user should Create a Profile

  • The end user needs to check their inbox for an email from X-CD Technologies. In the body of the email will be a Click here to reset your password link.
  • After clicking the link, a browser window will appear where the user can enter a new password, confirn the new password, then click Change Password button

  • After clicking Change Password, a message will appear indicating that the password has been Updated.

  • The end user should return to the member login screen and login using the new password they have reset.

If your users are not receiving the password email reset link, please try:

  • Checking the spam / Junk folder
  • White list the domain and/or ip address You may do this in some email programs or you may need to contact your own mail service provider support team.



  • Click Text Me Temporary Passcode, the list of associated phone numbers for that contact will be listed for that person to select from.
    • NOTE: the end user must have thei mobile/cell phone number populated in their contact profile for this option to work
  • A code will be texted to the number the end user selected
  • Then the end user enters the code into the next screen
  • Once the passcode has been validated, the next screen will appear where the end user can enter a new password to access the system
  • Once the new password has been entered, the login screen will re-apper where the end user will be able to enter the system using their new password


  • When an end user selects, Send A Magic Login Link, the end user will be emailed with a unique login link to the system
    • NOTE: the login link will automatically expire if not used within 24 hours.
  • Once the end user accessed the login link, they will be able to reset their password by going into Update Profile.

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