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#1 How to import Attendees

You may import a list of contacts into the attendee module to auto-generate registrations.

  • You may only import into a single registration category at a time
    • NOTE: if you have more than one registration type, you need to create separate import files for each registration type and import them individually
  • If applicable, you may apply only one predefined discount on the import

Prepare the Import File

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Import Attendees in left side menu
    • NOTE: If you do not see Import Attendees as a menu option on your site, contact
  4. Locate near the top of the screen, the text: 1. Download this file: Import Template and click the link on the screen to download the Template file
    • NOTE: the template file will download to your computer default download folder
  5. Open the template file in excel and complete the field information for each contact, at a minimun, complete the fields for First Name, Last Name, email address.
  6. Save the import file, ensure to keep the .csv format and maintain all columns headings
    • NOTE: For mac users, ensure to save as Windows csv format.
    • NOTE: If you have accented characters, ensure to save using UTF-8 .csv format
  7. Once the import file is ready, return to the Admin Dashboard and follow the below steps.


  1. Click Attendee Module
  2. Click Import Attendees in left side menu
  3. Email New Contacts, check this box if you want the contacts to be informed with the system generated new profile contact email that they have been added as a contact.
  4. If you wish to add the list of contacts to a specific group, click Add to Group and select a group
    • NOTE: The Group must be pre-defined, to create a group. To Create a group follow steps below:
      • Click Dashboard
      • Click Contacts Module
      • Click Manage Groups
      • Click Create Group button
      • Enter a Group Name (e.g. Invited Guests)
      • Click Create Group button
  5. For Select Registration Category, select the specific registration type to i mport the list into
    • Secondary Import items - use this option to add the specific option to an existing registration
  6. If applicable, for Registration Rate, select the rate
  7. Prevent Registration Change, selecting this will not update an existing registration's invoice registration category
  8. If applicable, for Select Registration Discount, select the applicable discount
  9. Protect Against Delete, select to not allow the attendee registration to be deleted
  10. Lock Attendee Complete, select to automatically set the Attendee Registration status = Complete
    • NotE: This will also set invoices that have unpaid items = Complete
  11. For Attach your CSV file, click Browse button and locate the csv file on your computer to upload
  12. Click Upload file button
    • After the file has finished importing, a message will appear above the Email New Contacts field indicating the status of the import.

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