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#1 How to create a member fee discount code?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click E-Commerce tab
  3. Click Manage Existing Stores
  4. Click applicable store
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
  7. Select Manage Discounts
  8. Click + Add New button
  9. Select whether the discount is going to be created for an entire Field (Membership Fee) or for a Field Value/Option (i.e. Member category, e.g. Student Member)
    • NOTE:
      • Discount Field = main field the discount code will be applied to
      • Discount Option = discount will be applied to specific option selected
      • Golden Ticket = all items will be free upon adding to their shopping cart
      • NOTE: if setting up a Golden ticket:
        • Set the Discount Field to the main field
        • Do not populate the Discount Value field
  10. Enter a discount name
  11. Under Discount Code, create a custom code or leave blank for a system generated code
  12. Enter a dollar value or a percentage for the discount to be applied
  13. Activate the discount code when ready
  14. Set a maximum use limit
  15. Click Add Discount
    • NOTE: In the list displayed, the column Discount Code is the code to provide the member to enter in the code field. The discount will be applied on the check-out screen.

#2 How to display the discount box on the member form?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click E-Commerce tab
  3. Click Manage Existing Stores
  4. Click applicable store
  5. Click Settings button
  6. Click Registration Setup in the horizontal menu
  7. Select Registration Fields
  8. Click Edit button next to the field that the discount applies to
  9. Set Display Discount Box to YES
  10. Save changes by clicking Update Field Information at the bottom
  11. You may click Preview Form to see an 'Enter Registration Code if known' box appears on the member form.

#3 Where to find discount code(s)?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click E-Commerce tab
  3. Click Manage Existing Stores
  4. Click applicable store
  5. Click Settings
  6. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
  7. Select Manage Discounts
  8. In the grid list, the column Discount Code is the code to provide the member to enter. The discount will display on the check-out screen prior to payment.
    • Note: To generate a printed copy of the codes, use your browser - File - Print to print the screen

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