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#1 What is this plugin?

WordPress is a very popular website platform that your association may use for your own website. Many developers around the world contribute to the open source WordPress project by creating plugins or widgets for all WordPress websites to use. An example may be a Twitter feed inside your website.

X-CD has created a plugin which connects your WordPress website to the X-CD platform.
The primary role of this plugin is to create a login box on your WordPress website which will actually use the user's X-CD system email address and password.
This allows users to "login" to your website.
The plugin can be extended to allow you to control on your WordPress pages what members or "X-CD groups" can see.
For example restricting a certain page to be "members only".

If you do not use WordPress then this plugin will not do anything.

X-CD can offer to update your website and if we do we will use the WordPress platform and install the plugin for you.

#2 How do I install the plugin?

X-CD needs to send you (or your WordPress developers) the install files for the plugin.

You may also provide X-CD with an admin account for your WordPress site and we can install it for you.

Contact X-CD to get started.

#3 How do I restrict pages on WordPress to members only?

You may lock any posts or pages to a specific user role in WordPress using the WordPress Access Control plugin.

WordPress Access Control can be installed via the WordPress store.

Once installed and activated, to lock the page or post, ensure you are tracking the appropriate contact group in the permissions area of the X-CD for WordPress plugin.
This will add the group as a role in your WordPress back-end.
Afterwards, use WordPress Access Control to check off the roles that should have access to the content when in your page/post editor.
It should appear as a small square off to the right of your page/post editor.

X-CD Technologies (pronounced "Exceed"!) has been supporting the association and conference industry since 1995. All of our software modules are proprietary and developed in-house which gives us the flexibility to make customized changes to meet all of our clients unique needs.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Toronto and a network of conference management organizations and suppliers worldwide that can help and serve your needs wherever your next conference venue is located.

Our clients include both small and large associations and conferences and events range from as small as 100 to 5,000 attendees. Our client base includes universities, corporations, associations, private companies, conference management groups and government.

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