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as of May 20, 2020

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#1 New Features

May 20, 2020

  • Inline editing for Contact and Submission
  • In the grid display, there is an ability to:
    • Set columns to be displayed by clicking the 'Display Columns' button
    • Edit field content right within the grid - editable fields will appear with an   symbol
    • Click in the field, edit content, then click Return to save the change
    • Click the Manage button to edit full content
  • Virtual Conference Solution
    • Due to Covid-19, clients are finding themselves having to convert an in-person conference into an online format. X-CD has developed an online conference solution that integrates with existing X-CD modules.
      • Speaker e-portal designed for easy recording and uploading of presentations.
      • Moderator ability to view and screen questions from the audience and host live interactive discussions.
      • ePoster enables the display of digital posters that can also include video presentations.
      • Virtual Exhibit Hall showcasing exhibitor products and enables a way for attendees to connect.
      • For more information, Click Here or contact 

July 19, 2019

  • Download Files
  • The ability to download files that have been uploaded on an Attendee Registration Form

July 17, 2019

  • Display Preferences
  • The ability to set display preferences in the Manage/View Screens for Submissions, Attendee Registration and Contacts modules
    • Set columns to be displayed by clicking the 'Display Columns' button
    • When you adjust the display setting for 'Show' X 'Entries (to set the number of rows displayed on your screen, your last setting is retained and will be saved. E.g. if you set 'Show 50 Entries' on the view list screen, this setting will be retained and when you return the the view list screen, the grid will still show 50 rows and continue to show 50 up until you change the 'Show' setting again
    • If you search for an individual submission or registration or scroll through the grid, the system will return you to this screen if you navigate to another area in the X-CD software. E.g. if you were on page 3 of the attendee registration grid, and you navigate into a registration form, when you return to the manage attendee screen, you will be on page 3 of the listings.
    • To learn how to set preferences, click the appropriate module: Contact | Attendee | Submission

July 11, 2019

  • Updated look and feel to Email/Download/Reports screen and ability to mark Favourite reports
    • The GUI has been updated to provide a more aesthetically user-friendly look to the Reports section so it is easier to navigate thru the tabs of reports.
    • A new Favourites tab has been added will keep record a list of reports that an admin user runs frequently.
    • An admin can 'mark' reports with a star to be displayed in the favourites list on the Favourites tab.
    • To learn how to mark favourite reports, click the appropriate module: Contact | Attendee | Exhibitor | Submissions

X-CD Technologies (pronounced "Exceed"!) has been supporting the association and conference industry since 1995. All of our software modules are proprietary and developed in-house which gives us the flexibility to make customized changes to meet all of our clients unique needs.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Toronto and a network of conference management organizations and suppliers worldwide that can help and serve your needs wherever your next conference venue is located.

Our clients include both small and large associations and conferences and events range from as small as 100 to 5,000 attendees. Our client base includes universities, corporations, associations, private companies, conference management groups and government.

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