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#1 Email History tab

Email History will allow you to view statistics of emails that and admin has sent or scheduled to send and/or view the email content.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Email Management in left-side menu
  3. Click Email History tab >  this will display emails sent out through the X-CD system 
    • Click View Details button to see statistics such as sent, bounced, etc.
    • Click the Subject line to view the email content
    • Use the Search field to locate a specific email sent
    • Click any column header to change the sort order by ascending or descending by that specific column

#2 Scheduled Emails tab

Scheduled Emails will display a list of any emails that have been scheduled to send by an admin.
Note: Once the email has been sent, the email will appear in the grid under the Email History tab

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Email Management in left-side menu
  3. Click Scheduled Emails tab
    • Click Update button to edit the email content or to reschedule the date/time to send the email
    • Click Delete button to remove the email and confirm the deletion

#3 Unsubscribe Link / Do Not Contact Field

Settings allows an admin to manage overall Unsubsribing, Do Not Contact or Communication preferences.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Email Management in left-side menu
  3. Click Settings tab


Do Not Contact

Note: These communication preference settings are used with preferences configured under the Communications tab. Click to view the FAQs

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