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#1 Guide For Speakers to Record / Upload Presentations

End Users log into the Submission Site and for each abstract they would perform the applicable steps to record (using X-CD) or upload a pre-recorded presentation.

To use X-CD to Record a Presentation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use Chrome or Firefox browsers. The recording platform does not support Safari.

  1. Login to Submission site
  2. Click Record Presentation button
  3. In the upper left hand corner, click the Recording Instructions
    • This will open a new browser window with information that the presenter should review and will provide steps they need to follow.
  4. When ready, Click Record Presentation Video button
  5. The next screen will provide instructions to ensure the microphone is enabled, the video is activated and the proper screen is shared.
  6. Once the live recording has completed, a preview of the recording will begin playing
    • If the speaker wishes to keep the recording, click Save and Upload button, this action will download the recording file the user's default download folder, as well as upload the video file to the x-cd system. When the video has successfully uploaded, a confirmation message will appear on the screen, and the Record Presentation will no longer display in red and a Preview Video button will appear underneath it.
    • If the speaker wishes to record a new video, click Discard button and being the process again to record.

To upload a recording that has been pre-recorded through another software

(NOTE: Do not use this step to upload the video if recording using X-CD, the upload step is embedded in the self-recording process)

Important Notes for recording outside of X-CD

Do not record in 4k - use HD quality for recording.
Your recording file must be in .mp4 format.
The original file recording size will be compressed and reduced in size when being uploaded.
The uploading time is dependent on the file size and your internet connection speed. Please be patient.

  1. Log in to submission site
  2. Click Record Presentation button
  3. Click Upload Presentation button
  4. Click Upload File button
    • This will open the computer's file browser where the user will locate the file on their computer to upload.


  • Close all unnecessary applications and tabs on your computer to optimize memory and computer processing for the recording
  • If the microphone is not working, turn off video and turn it back on to see if that resolves the problem
  • If you cannot click the Record button, your microphone must be enabled and ensure you are screen sharing your presentation. If you do not have a presentation, create a static title page to display and share that screen.
  • Restart your computer and only open the X-CD system and your presentation software, then attempt the recording again; perhaps record a short test to ensure all is functioning, then discard and re-record once you confirm the test has worked
  • If all of the above does not fix the problem, use an external software to record the presentation and upload the video file into X-CD

#2 User Guide for Live Stream and Moderators

Click HERE to download the Guide (last updated on Oct 13, 2020)


  • It is best to divide the roles of the Live Stream Zoom Host and the Moderator to two individuals.
  • Enable the live stream a few minutes before the session to ensure a smooth and on-time start.
  • Once you see the live stream icon inside Zoom - start talking immediately. If you delay, attendees will see and or hear nothing. Once you are live - consider the show started and start presenting.
  • It is recommended to have a primary moderator to manage the Session Flow and Speaker interaction and oversee the Q&A posts from the audience. A secondary moderator could take over the Q&A management / be the backup moderator if the primary moderator experiences techinical issues.

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