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#1 Adding/Editing Exhibitor Raffle Codes

Exhibitors that have raffles can have an entry code for virtual conference attendees to enter their raffle.  

Raffles are a great way for exhibitors to generate leads and adding a code and force an additional interaction between exhibitors and attendees. 

Raffles will have to be enabled in the exhibitor settings.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Exhibitors module
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Advanced Options and then in the dropdown click Manage Raffle Codes
    • All Exhibitors that have created a Raffle will appear in this list. 
  5. To Add/Edit the code select the textbox and add the updated code. 
  6. Click Save beside the textbox

#2 Customizing the Exhibitors Virtual Conference Portal

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Exhibitors module
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll to the Company Page Settings
  5. Select Yes or No for each option:
    1. Display Staff Contacts Tab - allows for admin to add/edit staff member to be/are associated with their company
    2. Display Stadd Scheduler on Staff Registration Page - Allows exhibitors to schedule available time blocks for staff that will me attending the conference and staffing the booth.
    3. Display Virtual Conference Fields - Allow exhibitors to add custom text and an external meeting link to instead of the internal video chat booth. If a company adds an external meeting link it will replace the join booth button that is automatically created.
    4. Display Products Tab - Allows exhibitors to add PDF's, Videos (YouTube or Vimeo Links), and optionally Raffle prizes. 
    5. Display Raffle Upload - Allow exhibitors to add raffles
    6. Display Booth Preview Tab - Allow exhibitors to preview what their booth will look like in the Exhibitor Hall in the Virtual Conference
    7. Display Analytics Tab - Allow exhibitors to see their analyticss. By Default Messages and Raffle are shown. Additional information can be displayed.
    8. Display Booth Visitors - Allow exhibitors to see on the analytics tab all unique visitors that entered their booth, this will allow exhibitors to see the name and email of the visitor. 
    9. Display Booth Media Views - Allow exhibitors to see on the analytics tab all the views on their uploaded media content, PDFS and Videos. 
    10. Display Booth Leads Download - Allows Exhibitors to download the leads generated from the virtual conference. By Default only messages and raffle interactions are shown. If Booth Visitors and Media Views are turned on then they will also be included in the download. 

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