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The X-CD peer review module allows an administrator to assign reviewers (judges or experts) to read and score their collected conference submissions.

After you have assigned your submissions to reviewers, you may email them from the system, letting them know they have been marked as a reviewer for the conference and have been assigned submissions to review.

They will then log in to a secure reviewer portal and begin reviewing all of their assigned submissions, which you will manage from the backend administratively.

The peer review component of the X-CD system can be as simple or as robust as you need. Here is how it functions at its most basic level:

  1. Assign contacts in your system as reviewers of submissions.
  2. Assign reviewers to individual submissions, OR assign submissions to individual reviewers.
  3. Send out mass emails to your reviewers (once you have finished assigning the reviewers) notifying them that they have been invited to review submissions, and to login at using their [email] and [password]. Customize this email from the Submission Reviewer Email (Submission Module > Review Module > Settings).
  4. Create Final Status Categories (Accept, Reject, Accept for Poster, Reject for Poster etc.)
  5. Assign Final Statuses - You can assign final statuses one by one, or run batch assignments by checking off multiple submissions, and assigning them to a final status at one time. 
  6. Send Final Status Notifications - Filter by final status categories and send out bulk notification emails when you are ready.

NOTE: If you have any specific review requirements or questions, please contact our sales or support team, and we will be happy to assist. We are able to create automatic custom assignment scripts to automatically assign all submissions to certain reviewers based on specific review criteria or algorithms.

X-CD Technologies (pronounced "Exceed"!) has been supporting the association and conference industry since 1995. All of our software modules are proprietary and developed in-house which gives us the flexibility to make customized changes to meet all of our clients unique needs.

We have offices in both San Francisco and Toronto and a network of conference management organizations and suppliers worldwide that can help and serve your needs wherever your next conference venue is located.

Our clients include both small and large associations and conferences and events range from as small as 100 to 5,000 attendees. Our client base includes universities, corporations, associations, private companies, conference management groups and government.

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