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#1 How can I test my app on Android?

X-CD will send you a link to download the Android version of the app when it's ready. The link should be opened on your phone so the app is downloaded and can be installed after downloading.

Once you download to your phone, run the file,  it will pop a menu that asks you to change your settings to accept it. Click on the settings link then you should see a toggle for Unknown sources, just flip it over and say OK. It will then install.

#2 How can I test my app on iPhone/iPad?

To test the iOS version of your app, X-CD will prepare the app for private distribution using Apple's Test Flight process.

X-CD will submit the app to Apple for Test Flight approval. This takes about a day.

Once it's been approved for Test Flight, X-CD will invite you and anyone else you want to see the app before it's available in the public store.

You must send X-CD email addresses of the people you want to be invited.

Once you are invited you will get an email that looks like this.



IF YOU ARE CHECKING EMAIL ON PC/MAC: Click the link to view a special code you will use to redeem your invitation.

(3) Download a free app called "Test Flight" on your iOS device.


IF YOU ARE CHECKING EMAIL ON iOS DEVICE: Go back to the e-mail invitation and tap 'View in Test Flight'. The app will download.

IF YOU ARE CHECKING EMAIL ON PC/MAC: Open the Test Flight app. Hit the 'Redeem' button in the top right.

(5) Enter the code you received from Apple.

The app will then download and you can open it. It's a fully functional app but we suggest deleting it once the app is available in the App Store and downloading the public version.

#3 I have added / updated a screen or images, but the changes are not reflected in the app

Ensure to Build the App after making updates to apply the most recent app changes.

CAUTION: Clicking Build App will refresh the mobile app and notify end users to apply updates to their app. It is reasonable if there are many changes to the app, to wait to build app so all changes are captured in the single update instead of causing the end users to apply multiple updates.

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