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#1 How to Add an Image to an Email?

To add an image to an email,  first upload the file to the X-CD system. Once it is uploaded, the file may be added from the WSYWIG editor on the Send Email screen by clicking Insert Image icon. 

  • From Admin Dashboard, Select Files button on the left side menu
  • Choose the file to upload from your computer
  • Upload the file by clicking the  button

Now the file has been uploaded to the X-CD system

  • From the Send Email screen, select the Insert/Edit Image button
  • Beside the Source Text Box select the File Explorer button  
  • Find the image previously uploaded to the X-CD server, and select Insert

#2 How to Add an Attachment to an Email?

Links to attachements may be added to emails. First, upload the file to be attached to the email into the X-CD system. Once uploaded, a URL link will be created that may be inserted into any Send Email screen. 

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Upload Files on the left side menu
  3. Select the file from your computer
  4. Copy the X-CD generated link by right- clicking on the uploaded file and copying the link
  5. Paste the X-CD generated link into the Send Email screen by clicking on Insert/Edit link icon or just paste the link directly into the body of the email.
    • This will create a live link to the file.

#3 How to Add a Link in an Email Message?

  1. In the Send Email compose screen, click on the  icon
  2. Enter a URL address in the URL field
  3. In Text to display field, provide text for the url (other than the address itself) or leave blank
  4. Enter a Title in the Title field for the URL
  5. For Target, select from the dropdown, the option for how the link is to be opened
    • E.G. For the link to open in a new window, select New window
  6. Click OK button

#4 How to Format Text in an Email Message?

There are standard text and paragraph formatting options in the Send Email compose screen.

Hover your mouse over the icon for a pop-up description.

These include:

B - Bold

I - Italicize

U - Underline

S - Strikeout

X2 - Superscript

X2 - Subscript

#5 Where to Access Information about an Email that has been Sent (i.e. bounced, opened, etc.)?

Note: Details about opening and bouncing takes time to process.
Final information will probably not be available until approximately 48 hours after an email has been sent.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Contacts Module in left side menu
  3. Click Email History in left side menu
  4. Locate the message view information about, click View Details button

#6 Where to Find a Previously Sent Email?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Contacts Module in left side menu
  3. Click Email History in left side menu
    • Tip: Click on the subject heading to view the body of the email message
    • Tip: If the email message was in draft and not sent yet, click on the Date Sent column; Messages that appear with no date are considered to be in draft.

#7 Tips for Copy & Paste, Line Spacing in Email Messages

Tips for copying and pasting text into an email message

  • if using word, copy and paste using the insert Word icon
  • if using a text editor, copy and paste using the insert text icon

For text to be single line spacing

  • Hold down the Shift key AND press Enter key, this will move the cursor/text directly to the next line.

ADVANCED (For html users)

  • Edit the source code, by clicking  and apply html coding to produce a empty line between content

#8 How to Insert and/or Format a Table?

  • In the formating toolbar, select the table icon , then select Table
  • Then highlight, the number of columns and rows you want in the desired table, you will be able to easily add or remove any columns or rows afterwards if there are not enough or too many
  • To add more / remove columns or rows to your table, click the table icon, then select row or column and then select the corresponding action
  • To format the content in a cell, click the table icon, then select cell > cell properties
  • To merge cells or split a cell, click the table icon, then select cell > then select the corresponding action

#9 Adding a [Hot Key] in an Email Message

Depending on where you open an Email Compose screen, in the left side of the Email Message field, a list of available 'Hot Keys' will be listed. A 'Hot Key' is reference to data stored in the system that may be inserted into the email content to personalize the message to the recipient.

  • To add a Hot Key to a message, enter the Hot Key being displayed including the surrounding square brackets. e.g. Dear [Firstname]
  • To locate a Contact Field hot key that is not listed on the screen, click View Contact Field Hot Keys button and use the text under the Field Hotkey column. e.g. [CustomField_20]

Screen Shot example of an email compose screen with Hot Keys

Screen Shot example of Contact Field Hot Keys

#10 Other Email / Download help references

List of other sections with Email help

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