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#1 How to Create a Registration Discount Code?

You can create as many discount codes as you like and also set a maximum number of times the discount code may be used.


  • You cannot make a Discount Code required based on another field or vice-versa.
  • You cannot edit a Discount Code once it has been created and used.
  • More than 1 discount cannot be applied to the same field by the end user.
  • You may increase the max uses of a discount code if it has reached its limit.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
  5. Select Manage Discounts
  6. Click + Add New button
  7. Select whether the discount is going to be created for:
    • Field Selection (Monday lunch) i.e. When this main field is selected, then regardless of what options are picked the discount code will apply.
    • Option Selection (Monday lunch - Cheeseburger) i.e. When a specific option is selected, the discount will only apply to this specific option when selected.
    • Golden Ticket i.e. Grant the attendee all items as free when added to their registration cart.
    • Enter the Discount Name
    • If desired, you may enter a Discount Code OR leave blank and the system will generate a code
    • Enter the Discount Amount where
      • % = percentage off; Note: Golden Ticket, enter 100 in this field
      • $ = a specific dollar value discount
    • Click Activate = Yes to enable the discount (No will disable the discount)
    • Set Max use value i.e. this is the maximum number of times this code can be used
    • Click Add Discount

    NOTE: The list will display, the column Discount Code is the special code you will provide your attendees to enter to apply the corresponding discount during registration.

    Example of Settings to Create a Golden Ticket Discount:

    • Main Field = Registration Fees
    • Max Use = 1 (The code may only be used 1 time)

    Example of Settings to Create a 50% Registration Discount on a specific Registration Option:

    • Registration Field Option = Full Registration Fee
    • Discount = 50% off
    • Max Use = 25 (The code may only be used 25 times)

    After you click Add Discount, IF you did NOT enter a Discount Code, the system will generate a code. To locate the code, on the screen containing the list of discounts locate the code under the Discount Code column and send the code to your Registrant to use on the Registration Form:

    Example of how the Registrant enters the code:

    • On the Registration form, the end user will enter the code into the box labelled 'Enter Registration code, if known'

    #2 What is a Golden Ticket discount code?

    When you define a discount code as a Golden Ticket, this mean ANY and ALL items added to a registration form will be discounted 100% and not just a registration fee.

    #3 How do I put the discount code field on my registration form?

    After you have created your discounts, you need to place a field on your form where the discount code would be entered by the end user.

    To do so, edit the existing field on your registration form for which the discount would apply to.

    For example. if you created a discount code for your Registration Fees field:

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click Attendee Module
    3. Click Settings button
    4. Click Registration Setup in the horizontal menu
    5. Select Registration Fields
    6. Click Edit button next to your Registration Fees field
    7. Set Display Discount Box to YES
    8. Save your changes by clicking Update Field Information at the bottom
    9. You may click Preview Form to see that an 'Enter Registration Code if known' box appears on the registration form.

    #4 How do I Discount an Item for an Individual Attendee's Registration?

    Manual Discounts - You can now manually assign a discount amount ($). Add an internal note if you'd like and click Assign Manual Discount.

    Assign Discounts (based on discounts in your system) - You can also assign an individual discount for the specific attendee and invoice iten, based on discounts you have already created in the system settings. 

    Remove Discounts - You can also remove any discounts by selecting Remove Discount button. 

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click your Attendee Module
    3. Click Manage button
    4. Located on the right side of the screen, in the Search field, enter the first few characters of the Attendee first or lastname, then Click the Row containing the Attendee name
    5. Click Registration In the horizontal menu
    6. Select Discount Items
    7. Click Edit beside the item to be discounted
    8. You may manually enter a discount under the Manual Discount Section or apply a predefined discount under Assign Discount.
    9. Click Assign Manual Discount OR Assign Discount buttons to apply the discount to the invoice.

    #5 How do I get a list of the actual discounts and discount codes?

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click your Attendee Module
    3. Click Settings
    4. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
    5. Select Manage Discounts
      • To get a printed copy of your codes, use your browser - File - Print to print the screen
      • NOTE: The Discount Code is what you would provide to your end users to enter on the registration form.

    #6 How do I view how many of each discount have been used?

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click your Attendee Module
    3. Click Settings
    4. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
    5. Select Manage Discounts
    6. Look under the Discounts Used column on the screen
      • Note: if the discount has reached the maximum limit, you may edit the discount and increase the maximum uses so the discount code could be used more times

    #7 How do I download a report of Discount codes or Discounted items?

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click Attendee Module
    3. Click Reports
    4. Under the Attendees tab, select one of the following:
      1. Click Go beside Discount Codes (View attendees who used a discount code)
        1. Select the specific discount code and click Advance
        2. Click Download Excel button
      2. Click Go beside Download All Discounted Invoice Items (An excel file of all invoice items where a discount was applied through a discount code or by an admin)
      3. For a financial report, click the Financials tab
        1. click Go for Account Info - All Attendees 

    #8 Can I change the max count in a discount field if I need to at a later date?

    Yes, at any time the Max Use limit may be changed by an admin

    1. Click Dashboard
    2. Click your Attendee Module
    3. Click Settings
    4. Click Advanced Options on horizontal menu
    5. Select Manage Discounts
    6. Click Edit beside the discount to be updated
    7. Update the Max Use field
    8. Click Update Discount button to save changes

    #9 How to manually discount an attendee item?

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