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Author Invitation RSVP Module

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How to access the RSVP area?

Within the Submission Review module, go to Final Status in the top menu and then select RSVP Management.

#2 How to edit RSVP Settings?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Review button
  4. Click Final Status in horizontal menu
  5. Select RSVP Management
  6. Click RSVP Settings button
    • You may set various attributes
    • Open/Close RSVP access
      • NOTE: Before you open, ensure to include the [AuthorInviteURL] in your email message of the final status
    • Set RSVP button to display on Submission front-end
    • Set to display only to those scheduled in a session
      • NOTE: to use this option, you must be using the program module and already contain the program and submission data
    • Set admin emails
  7. Click Update to apply changes

#3 What options do I have related to this module?

You may control the screen the author sees when they accept their invitation by:

  • Changing the field labels, descriptions, or options
  • Controlling what program data - like date, time, room - displays to the author

Administratively, you can set if you want to be emailed after an author responds. You can emailed:

  • Always - on all responses
  • On declines only
  • Only if a user enters comments

#4 How can I preview the invite screen a user will see?

In the review module, under Final Status -> Preview Notifications there will be a list of submissions. For each submission you may preview the final status notification letter as well as the invite link a user will arrive to after they click the link in the email message you send them.

#5 How does an author change their invitation response?

The individual can use the link in any email which you have sent them which contains the hotkey [AuthorInviteURL].

You may email the presenter their final status notification again from the final status assignment screen.

You may also add a submission step to your module which will place a button on the submission overview for the presenter to click after they log in to the system.

#6 How to download a report of individuals who accepted/declined the Author Invitation?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers module
  3. Click Reports button
  4. Under Primary Authors tab, click Find beside Submissions by Selected Values
  5. Select the Accept Assignment - I Accept value
    • OR select the Accept Assignment - I Do not Accept value
  6. Click Advance
  7. Click Download Excel button
    • Click Email to email the individuals instead
  8. Select the Accept Assignment field (Checked)
  9. Select the Notification Sent Date field (Checked)
  10. Select any other fields you wish to include in your report
  11. Click Download OR provide a filename and click Save and Download to save the report so it may be stored and run again

#7 How to email primary authors who have not responded to the Invitation yet?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Review button
  4. Click Final Status in horizontal menu
  5. Select RSVP Management
  6. Click Email next to Email No Response
  7. Draft your email
  8. Click Preview button
    • You will receive the email in your inbox
  9. Edit or Send the email if ready to send


The Author Invitation RSVP module is an add-on module that will allow you to send a link to your authors that have received a Final Status of 'Accepted' in order to record their participation in your conference/event (i.e. Accept vs Decline).

You may set the system settings so the Administrator will be notified only when someone declines the invitation and then the Administrator may proceed to follow-up on backfilling the presenter.

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